Summer ‘n’ stuff.

It’s been a wild and wooly summer y’all.

Keeping 4 boys alive and relatively sane is a task.

We have been a part of the most glorious of weddings.

We have hit parks and pools and beaches and jumped on our trampoline A LOT.

Bedtime is, in Jim Gaffigan’s words, a “reverse hostage situation.” I would give them so much money if they would just stay in there.

I love having Ellie live with us. She is a delight, shares the load, has inspired me to create more, and her boyfriend is about to move to the area. YES. A weekly date night will soon be in place where they take ALL 4 of our boys. Because it takes two adults. And it’s about time, 10 years in, that a date night is a priority.

Oh, and I made a video to say hi. It is a little bit ridiculous.


Jump over to to check out why my blog has been sparse… the Bible 101 project has been a blast! It is an eight week series intended to help anyone navigate the Bible… Take a look, and let me know what you think! I would love your feedback!

Week 1 – The What, Where + How of the Bible 

Week 2 – Get a Grasp

Week 3 – Wind in Your Hair

Week 4 – Say What?!

Week 5 – Pull Apart

And just in case you are wondering, despite it taking a few fails to figure out how to get that video uploaded,  I actually did get our family packed, the whole house clean, and have learned the secret of a better marriage.

My sweet husband’s love language is organization and timeliness. I, however, thrive in chaos and wear watches with dead batteries because they look cute.

I know, we complement each other.

So, I shared my secret with Marshall when he arrived home. I looked at him and kissed him and said, “If you are ever feeling unloved by the state of our house, just plan to take our children, leave me alone in our quiet house, and go. For hours. It is brilliance. This extrovert turned introvert has never felt more loved than having a day at home alone to listen to music and clean and pack and spend time with Jesus and fiddle with video making apps. It was the best.”

My heart is full, my house is sparkling, and my husband is happy. It’s a good day.


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