Love is on the way…

Over the past few weeks, I have been making my way through the 2014 Hillsong Colour Conference. Some incredibly gifted and storied women spoke, giving life to God’s word, encouragement to thousands, and no doubt glory to Jesus. Bobbie, a lovely Aussie with a big vision and a sweet accent, shared on Jude… I was so … More Love is on the way…

He Sees Me

I just returned home from a sweet and refreshing {and a wee bit exhausting} weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with over 700 of my dear friends who co-labor together in the crazy ministry of Young Life. At this regional leadership retreat, we worshipped, studied, listened, prayed and laughed. Some people grew moss whilst waiting in lines for the slides that … More He Sees Me


They say that grief comes in waves. I have written that before here, the day we found no heartbeat. And weeks have passed and the waves have lessened in altitude and frequency. There has in fact been a sweet calm for some time now. Until tonight. Marsh and I were just finishing a movie and … More Waves


Do you ever have those hours, or days, or seasons when you just feel anxious? You can’t put your finger on it, but there is a buzz. Your senses are heightened though you feel in a fog; life has overtaken you a bit and your to do list is a mile long but the things … More Anxious

Sticks and Stones…. {The issue of “calling.”}

Words can cut, yes? There is this word that is cavalierly wielded in Christian circles that I believe has left many a scar. The word is “calling.” We ask with urgency and desperation, “What is our calling?” We say no, we wait, we tentatively walk forward in some areas, yet we feel shackled, listening with bated … More Sticks and Stones…. {The issue of “calling.”}

The Year of ______.

2015 has ARRIVED! Yesterday, a most gracious gift from a beloved Aunt sent me to Gene Juarez for a spa day. I felt pampered and in every way relaxed and cared for… I have never before {and probably will not for some time!} experienced luxury like that and so I savored every sugar scrub, paraffin dip, … More The Year of ______.