You guys.

I am so excited.

There is a glorious, faith-filled, adventurous group of young women out there who I have recently become very endeared to. They come from all over but convened in Southern California due to college and common interest and a passion for Jesus, and this past year Salt was born.

Salt Logo

Their tagline: Salt Yourself. Season the World. 

Their mission: Inspire college females and millennial women to discover their God-given calling and use their passions to affect culture and the world.

Their hope: For you to recognize your identity in Christ, find peace in God’s presence, and experience the joy that comes by living through the Spirit.

So good, right?

Well, I have been following from afar since the beginning, praying and cheering, and feeling an inkling that I am somehow supposed to be involved. In the past few weeks, our amazing God connected me with the lovely founder, Krista Hengesh, and the wheels have been turning ever since.

There is more to this story, but I have been given the most glorious opportunity to develop a Summer Series for the ladies of Salt and I could not be more thrilled!

Bible 101

Over the next 8 weeks, we will be doing Bible 101 – whether you have been in the scriptures for days or years, I hope that your heart will be refreshed, your mind will be challenged and your faith will grow! Hop over to Salt and come on this journey with me!!!


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