I wrote several weeks back about my amazing young friend who battled cancer. What I didn’t write about was the immediate aftermath in my own mind and heart when I first learned of her diagnosis. I had been following Brit Merrick’s blog about his daughter Daisy, and her fight with leukemia, one which she courageously … More Fear

Freeway Driving

So that last post was about being at a crossroads… having options in front of you and wondering which door to walk through. College decisions and job opportunities and numerous hot boys with excellent character trying to date you and such. But what about those seasons when you are driving along and WANTING options, looking … More Freeway Driving


A lot of my young adult life, I found myself seized with indecision, so desirous of God’s will, of what people described as His best., and yet so uncertain of where He was directing me, how to hear from Him, whether or not I was hearing from Him, that I just spun myself in circles … More Intersections


In my years following Jesus, I have spent a lot of time pondering and trying to answer this question… “How do you hear God’s voice?!”  No matter what age or stage of life, there is this desire in us to hear, to know the voice of God who says things like “Call to me and … More Baaaaa.

Hey Mister DJ

Oh, 90’s music. So good.  So was the wedding we went to on Friday. My husband (the DJ and dear friend of the couple) and I got to celebrate the most amazing story of redemption… two wonderfully hilarious and gifted and kind-hearted people, both on Young Life staff, joined their lives, and so much more. Years … More Hey Mister DJ

The Adventure

Hello again! Admittedly, I am a bit delayed on posting this week. Important escapades to pumpkin patches and learning how to walk without crutches {yay!} and throwing a dinner party for old friends trumped the writing about the big adventure and had me doing it instead.  Yes, in the last four days, the smell of little boys showered with freshly fallen … More The Adventure


I have been thinking for weeks about this idea that for as many people as there are out there, there are varying definitions of GOD. In light of this sermon, I began wrestling with who I believe God to be. What are the assumptions I have made? How has culture shaped and filled in the blanks … More Loaded


I remember when I received the news. Cancer. My vibrant, young, faith-filled, precocious friend, Cristina. Cancer. It was late in October, after my birthday, just before Halloween. She was only a sophomore in high school. She inspired faith and hope in all the girls that gathered in my living room to talk of life and … More Fighter