Bedtime Chats…

My oldest son, Tucker, is 7 years old. He is a thinker, that one. Artistic and focused and serious. And he loves words like I do. At 3, he asked for ” a little compassion” when he was overwhelmed. Seriously. I looked at him and couldn’t decide if I had just misheard his little 3 year … More Bedtime Chats…


I met with the wonderful Mary {counselor/professor/spiritual-adviser} today, I as I do every Wednesday. It is one of my favorite hours in my week as I get to sit, breathe, remember, unpack the lovely chaos that is life, and look forward with hope and a plan… Today, just before our time was to come to … More Hungry

Baby Steps

SHOES!!!! Yes, after 12 weeks of casts and crutches and boots and scooters, I graduated today. I pulled from under the bed this little right-footed blue shoe that was still unlaced, tongue unfurled, from the day the doctor pulled it off just moments after the rupture. It was an odd moment when I laced it up … More Baby Steps

Roll with it.

There’s something about embracing the present that is both simple and freeing and yet also elusively difficult for most humans. I wrote several days ago about the beauty of acknowledging that we need each other. And how asking for help leads to rich community, makes room for sacrificial love to be practiced and results in … More Roll with it.