With the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I have decided to join him in going dark {on social media} for lent. As much as I enjoy lovely photos and keeping up with friends and the latest on everything from vaccinations to protests at the box office to clips of Jimmy Fallon {ok so I do … More Dark


A week ago last Friday, I had the incredible privilege of speaking at chapel for Kings high school. Reminiscent of Leavenworth, the campus is tucked away north of Seattle. It was a gorgeous day ~ one of those where it seems spring has invaded January momentarily, and it felt like a vacation to drive away … More Invaded


So you know those seasons in life where you are like, “I am killin’ it.” But then you realize it was because there was just no opposition? There was no catalyst to cause the ugliness sitting dormant inside of you to rise to the surface or spew out of your mouth? Like when you are not … More Catalyst.

I hate you.

My two year old, Wesley, is hilarious; destructively, stubbornly, illogically, curiously, maddeningly adorably hilarious. Given, most 2 year olds are hilarious with a good dose of perspective. But today as we were driving along in my rockin’ minivan, I glanced in my rearview mirror at Wesley, and with a huge grin on his face and with his cute little … More I hate you.