Identity Shift

I have a dear friend who is wise and beautiful and thoughtful; she has a great sense of humor and a deep love for the Lord and she asked me recently how I navigated the shift in identity from single to married to having kids. It was a big and broad and heavy question, and … More Identity Shift

Love Story for Joy

Years ago, I ventured to an Irish pub in downtown Seattle with my witty husband and a few of his dear friends from his glory days at Westmont College. One girl in particular, Joy, captured my attention with her hilarity and easy spirit and I thought, man, if we lived in the same city, we would surely be fast friends. … More Love Story for Joy


My week went down hill last Wednesday morning. Literally. I fell hard and momentarily felt like I re-ruptured my achilles tendon… I was in the kind of pain that burns and tickles simultaneously; I was exhausted from days of planning and preparing wonderful things until 1:30 am; and my monthly visitor had arrived. In short, I was … More Accomplishments

Isn’t That Curious?

I have a dear and brilliant group of girlfriends who live in Seattle and are incredible thinkers and listeners and processors. We have been meeting for over 8 years and despite this season of life when we have all begun to have kiddos and have moved and our weekly gatherings have become more scarce, I … More Isn’t That Curious?


My thoughtful husband, Marshall, came home from a men’s breakfast some time ago with a word picture that I have found so helpful to blow the lie out of the water that following Jesus is supposed to make all things rainbows and unicorns. You see,  I think there is this myth floating around out there … More Battleship


Three weeks ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. We were two days short of boarding a boat to make the long trek home, at the tail end of an epic day at Malibu; I had chased and carried my 3 boys {6,4 and 1} around camp,  more than once been called “supermom” {the flatteringly annoying moniker I … More Ruptured


I have this dear friend who is lovely and organized and plans beautifully and loves well, and who has grown more than just about anyone I know in the past couple years in terms of authenticity and depth and truth-telling. And despite how different we are in all our facets, something about us just works. … More Lies!

And so it begins…

{via} I am back at the place where it all began, really: a beautiful Young Life property tucked in a serene little inlet off the coast of Canada.  This place, Malibu, is my heart’s respite. It is a place where years and years ago, I discovered the fullness of life that we all yearn for. … More And so it begins…