It’s a . . .

Yep, you guessed it. Or maybe you didn’t… Frankly, I should have known…. I am a boy mama through and through. Four boys!!!! ¬†Four. ¬†FOUR. I was up early this morning, not anxious or worried… preoccupied is the best word. I couldn’t sleep for the curiosity and hopeful wondering of WHO this little one would … More It’s a . . .

Life for Life

Talking with a dear friend today, I was given the sweetest perspective on the life I am housing. She is wise and wonderful and asked me how I was processing this new one in light of what we have walked through these past months… She proceeded to share of her own story, of how she … More Life for Life


As I begin to wake up from the nauseous exhaustion that was my first trimester of pregnancy, my brain seems to be coming alive again. Where I was before in survival mode, {and admittedly still have moments when fatigue hits and my brain draws blanks!} I do feel as if I am gaining capacity and … More Intruders