Golden Sessions

Marshall and I have a most amazingly talented, diverse, creative, life-loving, life-giving group of friends that we have the privilege of gathering with once a year for soul-purpose. Yes, purposeful time to splay open ourselves, our marriages, our hopes realized and hopes crushed over the year past, and lay out our dreams for the coming season. And … More Golden Sessions


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of heart ache and heart full and heart healing and heart dancing and heart thankful… but a new one has entered the lineup:  heart betrayed. I wrote deep into the night on a Monday almost two weeks ago, and released my throbbing heart to a sleeping world, unable to … More Betrayed

Not enough words.

I have read that Eskimos have numerous different words in their native tongue to represent snow in all of its forms. I find that brilliant. I confess I am a word nerd. I have often joked that I should be a neologist {maker of words} because reading the dictionary might be one of my favorite … More Not enough words.

Speaking of Heaven

Many have asked if and how I told my boys about our loss… Honestly, I don’t know how to sidestep reality, and didn’t really prepare all that much about how or when I would tell them… As I walked in the door from our appointment, Tucker {7} looked up at me with his big blue eyes … More Speaking of Heaven


It’s the only word I have to describe today. Flooded.  After processing last night through my fingers and posting this in the wee hours of the morning, I could never have anticipated what would come of it today… I admit, when you have 3 little men 7,4 and 2, there is not really time to be … More Flooded

No Heartbeat.

Grief is an odd thing. They say it comes in waves. So true. Today I had an ultrasound, the first ultrasound for this little #4.  And yet, it was very unlike my other three. The big black chasm on the screen that has always before encased a miniature beating heart, head oversized and limbs just … More No Heartbeat.