I have run into a few scenarios of late that have evoked a chest-tightening anxiousness that is both uninvited and perplexingly incapacitating. Fear. The kind of fear that no logic dissipates, that no prayer removes, that no simple choice solves. In fact, the presence of fear and God”s “apparent” inactivity to just make it leave … More Fear


Sometimes we need a refresh. The old stuff is still working, but it’s a little tired, a little cluttered, and it needs some focused attention and a bit of cleanup to bring it back to life. This is true for friendships, routines {hello summer!} and blogs too! So, I spent a couple hours with my dear … More Refresh

Serve Seattle

Several weeks ago, I had the sweet privilege of going to speak to the courageous interns that have committed their lives to Serve Seattle, an incredible program that encompasses live-in community, mentorship,  training in leadership and service, all with the purpose of literally hitting the streets in as many ways possible to serve the city. It is … More Serve Seattle


If you’ve ever lost something ridiculously valuable, my heart touched yours tonight. You might know that sinking, pit in the stomach feeling that consumes you as you begin to pray…. “Lord. Help me. YOU know…” I have had that feeling a few times in my life, the worst being when any of my little men … More Lost