The Salt Summer Series

Today was my first “offical” day back to work… I offloaded 3 small men to school {Wesley’s first day of preschool!} and with one sweet little napper, I enjoyed a couple hours of quiet in my own house. This, my friends, is a rare and sacred gift.

I did laundry and organized life. I even cleaned off the top of my fridge. Wierd. I wept and sang in my kichen to this just because I could. I wrote a letter to a dear friend. And then I whisked off to pick up my sweet and sassy preschooler, run a handful of errands, dropped the boys with our nanny {can I call her our governess? That is so much cooler…}  and sped off  to meet with two of my treasured students. If you are just tuning in around here, I have a business as an Academic Coach – I am essentially a life coach for teens with an academic focus. We set goals, develop organizational skills, talk about life and relationships, make sense of chemistry and calculus and formulate theses. I have the privilege of speaking into young lives and seeing individuals grow not only in their educational pursuits, but in their depth of character. It is SO much fun.

The night finished off with a double date at one of our favorite restaurants with the most delightful couple who we adore… and who also sniped the bill. They were so quick. And we were abundantly thankful.

That said, I am dusting off my sweet but neglected blog and I am so excited to exercise these fingers again! I took a bit of a hiatus over the summer as I shifted all my writing time toward developing an eight week series for Salt … I have had several people ask if I could link to the series on my blog, so here you go! I hope you enjoy it! Use it for your own encouragement or grab a group of friends and go through it together in a weekly study!

Bible 101

I wrote a letter to kick off the series communicating my heart behind it and the fact that this project has been a dream in the making for some time!

Read the Teaser or download the Challenge Checklist!

And get crackin’…

WEEK 1 – The What, Where and How of the Bible

WEEK 2 – Get a Grasp

WEEK 3 – Wind in Your Hair

WEEK 4 – Say What!?

WEEK 5 – Pull-Apart

WEEK 6 – Dads, the Devil and Drama

WEEK 7 – Sear it on Your Heart

WEEK 8 – Meditate

I pray you are finding your fall rhythm and remaining close to the One who set the seasons into motion… You are so very loved.





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