Hey Mister DJ

Oh, 90’s music. So good.  So was the wedding we went to on Friday. My husband (the DJ and dear friend of the couple) and I got to celebrate the most amazing story of redemption… two wonderfully hilarious and gifted and kind-hearted people, both on Young Life staff, joined their lives, and so much more. Years … More Hey Mister DJ

Identity Shift

I have a dear friend who is wise and beautiful and thoughtful; she has a great sense of humor and a deep love for the Lord and she asked me recently how I navigated the shift in identity from single to married to having kids. It was a big and broad and heavy question, and … More Identity Shift

Love Story for Joy

Years ago, I ventured to an Irish pub in downtown Seattle with my witty husband and a few of his dear friends from his glory days at Westmont College. One girl in particular, Joy, captured my attention with her hilarity and easy spirit and I thought, man, if we lived in the same city, we would surely be fast friends. … More Love Story for Joy