Merry Christmas!


‘Twas once a young lady who met a young man
Who was witty and dashing and asked for her hand.
So they dreamed and they ventured and soon they did marry…
And growing their family? They sure did not tarry;
That following year, their first son was born,
And then year after year there came 3 boys more!
Tucker: clever and strong, loyal and sweet.
Bennett: the softest-hearted you’ll meet.
Wesley: joyful, boisterous and daring.
Finn: bright-eyed, adored and faring
Quite well as the youngest to jump in the mix;
He makes them complete as the Jamieson six.
Tuck, B, Wes and Finn–surely the “finn”ale!
A household of boys full of fun and of folly.
{For within our house just the past week or two,
there’s been pink-eye and stitches, diaper rash and the flu!}
They laugh and they yell and they wrestle and play…
And that darling young couple? They drop and they PRAY!
For now ten years in, the sweetest phase yet,
They thank their dear Lord {He’s the reason they met!}
That He’s never left them and never He will;
He’s promised his presence, a generous fill
Of hope and of thanks and of wisdom and joy…
The reason? The source? A sweet baby boy
Who grew up to become the King of all Kings,
The Lord of all Lords, greater than all things
We could ask for or hope for, yes He is our prize.
On Jesus, this Christmas, let’s all fix our eyes…
On the gift of a savior; the gift of a friend;
The gift of a full life that will never end.

Merry Christmas!! You are LOVED!

The Jamieson Six

Marshall, Emily, Tucker {8}, Bennett {5}, Wesley {3} and Finn {2 mo}

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