Merry Christmas!

  ‘Twas once a young lady who met a young man Who was witty and dashing and asked for her hand. So they dreamed and they ventured and soon they did marry… And growing their family? They sure did not tarry; That following year, their first son was born, And then year after year there … More Merry Christmas!

This guy.

He is eight. EIGHT years old. Crazy to believe I have been a mama for 8 years. This little one has caused me joy, wonder, grief, tears, despair, ridiculous amounts of laughter and hope, and pushed me toward Jesus more times than I can count. He has a strong spirit, a leader’s heart, a sharp … More This guy.

Love Story for Joy

Years ago, I ventured to an Irish pub in downtown Seattle with my witty husband and a few of his dear friends from his glory days at Westmont College. One girl in particular, Joy, captured my attention with her hilarity and easy spirit and I thought, man, if we lived in the same city, we would surely be fast friends. … More Love Story for Joy