I must rewind. It was one week after Finn was born and we were embracing his colorful little self and all the possibilities of his new normal. We had been praying fervently for good reports as we prepared for numerous appointments with neurologists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists in the coming weeks. We were raw and a bit sleep deprived, yet hopeful as we headed off to see the ophthalmologist in hopes that Finn’s bright eyes were free of lesions and not endangered by glaucoma.

I was going on a couple hours of sleep; our littlest man was determined to get some one on one time between the hours of 12 and 5am, but I think he planned well, because he slept straight through his eye appointment! Seriously, laser beams of light and puffs of air couldn’t rouse the kid. He was perfect. {And yet with the quietest room and coziest swaddle I couldn’t get him to stay sleeping for the life of me the night before!}

We received a great report – his eye pressure was normal and there appeared to be no vascular abnormalities on his eyes. We would check back every four months to be sure there were no developments.

Afterward, Marshall and I sat in the car and through tears and smiles thanked the Lord for one more stepping stone toward health for our little Finn. Soon after, I received the sweetest text from a young woman who I adore, and who Marsh and I had the privilege of marrying this past year. {Technically, Marshall did the marrying; I just had the honor of walking through premarital counseling with them!}

She wrote:

“Emily, I was going through my journal this morning and am reading about discipleship a couple years ago when you spoke. I wrote about how encouraging you were to my heart during that time and you talked about manna – that God’s manna lasts for THIS day only. And that he will renew us with manna every day and will provide just enough for EACH day. I pray this encourages you today as it has again for me. You are courageous – you have the power of GOD to strengthen you with this time with Finn and be your stronghold. I love and miss you, Emily! Tell Marshall hi from me. You are HIS!”


This message from my dear friend punctuated the fact that our appointment that morning was manna. We did not know what would await us the next day or week or four months from now, but only that for that day we were good. We were covered. We were cared for.

Marshall and I have, since the first hours of bringing Finn home, said the words aloud, “one day at a time.” And Jesus was underlining for us that that has been His hope for us all along.

One day at a time.

He says He is the “I AM”. Not the “I WAS” or the “I WILL BE”… thus, the only way we can truly experience God and know his presence is in the present. Yes, he was with us in our past and already resides in our future. But He is HERE NOW. Immanuel. God with us.

The Lord has continued to give me manna daily. Just enough for each day. No more no less. One day it is in a song, the next in a word from a friend; the day after his sustenance is found in a conversation with Marshall, or a message from church, a weekend retreat, or a walk through the woods. Daily, He reminds me of his love, his wisdom and his care. Daily, he nourishes my soul and reminds me that I am not alone. That he is good.


One day at a time.


God with us.

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