Do you have those days ever when you are just draggin’?

I have had a lot of those of late. Hot. Pregnant. Raising 3 wily boys. I am not sure what your circumstances are that make you drag, but I know we’ve all got them.

I dream of margins. I think I love the design of this blog so much because there is white space. Margin. Space to think and rest and maybe invite something unexpected, hear from God, reflect on life.

My real everyday-life feels stuffed full. Of mostly good stuff… like cannoli, I guess. Rich and wonderful with mascarpone and ricotta and nutmeg and maybe a pinch of lemon. There is sweet and sour and filling rich goodness. But full none the less.

And I surmise that if you eat too much cannoli you drag too.

So how, on hot summer days, with no nappers, energetic boys, {seemingly} constant empty tummies and a strong desire to not resort to screens does one find time to sit? To write? To reflect? To make space? My space is invaded by the most lovely little aliens and as much as I know this whole mom thing is a gift and a calling, it is tiresome too. I am trying to learn to sit. To let mess happen. To release a 7, 5, and 2 year old to a bit of chaos without managing their play or their mess or their hungry bellies.

Like right now I just looked over my shoulder and my 2 year old is covered in sunscreen. Perfect. And I think I spy granola bar strewn on the floor and behind me the art kit is open still and paper is all over the floor; the big boys have my mortar and pestle and are making potions which now decorate the counter. But how else do I sit and write if I don’t just live and let live for a few minutes? The purple marker will wash out; the toddler’s left leg, forearms and hair will be well protected from skin cancer when we pop out the door in a bit; the granola bar will make its way to the garbage. And I will for the first time in a few weeks have sat down to write.


{This was all done by my 2 year old. In the last 40 minutes. I promise it was clean before.}

I have nothing particularly wise or wonderful to say today, but to perhaps encourage you to pick up that thing that has beckoned you for some time. To let the tyranny of the urgent be silenced. To just begin again that thing that gives you a bit of life, that slows your heart and mind and allows you to gain back ground, to embrace some margin, because it doesn’t exist if we don’t push something out of it.

So what is it today that you need to step away from so that you can pick up that thing that will bring life? You may feel like you are spinning plates and cannot let any of them drop, but do you know they are not all china? Some are tupperware. They will bounce. They will not break. And you will have the space you need to live presently for even a few minutes.

I feel like I just stepped into the margin. I hope you will too.

One thought on “Margin

  1. Love this so much! I sure have things that I treat like China and not the Tupperware they really are- you are a blessing!

    Also… I watercolored instead of doing the dishes last night… Thank you for releasing my guilt!

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