I was woken this morning at 4:40am by a sweet seven-year old who had dreamed he was a spy in the backyard who had taken a potty break. Let’s just say it was a very realistic dream. After showers and laundry, fresh sheets and snuggles, he was sound asleep, but the acrobatic feats of the … More Chiseled


Do you have those days ever when you are just draggin’? I have had a lot of those of late. Hot. Pregnant. Raising 3 wily boys. I am not sure what your circumstances are that make you drag, but I know we’ve all got them. I dream of margins. I think I love the design … More Margin


As I begin to wake up from the nauseous exhaustion that was my first trimester of pregnancy, my brain seems to be coming alive again. Where I was before in survival mode, {and admittedly still have moments when fatigue hits and my brain draws blanks!} I do feel as if I am gaining capacity and … More Intruders

Airplane Mode

The past week and a half has been a breath of fresh air in some ways, and a tornado in others. I went “dark” as you may know from my last post, for lent, and my hiatus from social media has been telling. For the first days, I would find myself pulling out my phone, … More Airplane Mode


So you know those seasons in life where you are like, “I am killin’ it.” But then you realize it was because there was just no opposition? There was no catalyst to cause the ugliness sitting dormant inside of you to rise to the surface or spew out of your mouth? Like when you are not … More Catalyst.


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of heart ache and heart full and heart healing and heart dancing and heart thankful… but a new one has entered the lineup:  heart betrayed. I wrote deep into the night on a Monday almost two weeks ago, and released my throbbing heart to a sleeping world, unable to … More Betrayed

Bedtime Chats…

My oldest son, Tucker, is 7 years old. He is a thinker, that one. Artistic and focused and serious. And he loves words like I do. At 3, he asked for ” a little compassion” when he was overwhelmed. Seriously. I looked at him and couldn’t decide if I had just misheard his little 3 year … More Bedtime Chats…

Baby Steps

SHOES!!!! Yes, after 12 weeks of casts and crutches and boots and scooters, I graduated today. I pulled from under the bed this little right-footed blue shoe that was still unlaced, tongue unfurled, from the day the doctor pulled it off just moments after the rupture. It was an odd moment when I laced it up … More Baby Steps

Hey Mister DJ

Oh, 90’s music. So good.  So was the wedding we went to on Friday. My husband (the DJ and dear friend of the couple) and I got to celebrate the most amazing story of redemption… two wonderfully hilarious and gifted and kind-hearted people, both on Young Life staff, joined their lives, and so much more. Years … More Hey Mister DJ