Life for Life

Talking with a dear friend today, I was given the sweetest perspective on the life I am housing. She is wise and wonderful and asked me how I was processing this new one in light of what we have walked through these past months… She proceeded to share of her own story, of how she was conceived in the wake of a miscarriage, and how she often wonders in gratitude at the fact that “the baby that came before me gave up life so that I might come into being.” 

Wow. A life for a life. 

It made me wonder about the one who came in October and passed in December… about the one who made space for the one I carry now. I wonder about the gratitude this little one will have one day for the selflessness of the one before. Who will this little person be, the one who will come into this world and rock our lives and our family in the best of ways? The one we will never be able to imagine life without, the one who was given the space to live and thrive as another gave up life… It is a bittersweet and beautiful mess, isn’t it? This life we lead. 

And we serve a compassionate and beautiful God who knows something of sacrifice. Who knows something of giving up life so another could live. So I could live. His choice to give up his breath and his spirit on the cross that day so many years ago is the reason why I am free to live today. Not just to survive, but to live in freedom and forgiveness, and crazy love and abundant joy. 

Life for a life I tell you. It is the most beautiful story. The most beautiful mess. The most beautiful author. The most beautiful God. 

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