Nine Years and Counting…

Eleven years and six days ago, I went on a blind date.  A handsome young man driving a very clean white Subaru whisked me off on an adventure one sunny evening in April.  Conversations unfolded whilst on a walk around Greenlake and lingered over s’mores at the Blue Water Bistro… I came home that night, jumped into my best friend and short-time roomie’s bed and tried to relate the deep sense of peace and fluttering of expectation within. But it was the peace that got me… a peace I had never experienced before, and one that continues to ground me whenever I am in the presence of this man I get to call my husband.

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Nine years ago right now, we were running around downtown with my most favorite photographer, our best friends, and preparing to experience what is, to this day, the best wedding I have ever been to. The most glorious ceremony, dessert and dancing at the Sorrento hotel, and we were off to Maui to begin what has been the best adventure of my life.

Tonight we will head off to Spinasse {amazing} for a much needed date night, and then as tradition has it, we will return to the Sorrento Hotel for dessert with a worn old journal that we pull out every year to recap the highlights, the adventures of the year prior, dream about what is to come, and choose a phrase or theme that we hope to live into for the coming year, all over a delicious dessert of course… memorial stones are laid through the pages of that book, and they are a sweet remembrance of where we have walked, of how God has been faithful, and how there is so much more to be had.

Five jobs, four homes, three wee men and another sweet bundle due in October; through heartache and hope and trials and joys… life has certainly not failed to keep us on our toes!

That said, I could not be more thankful for this man, the one with whom I get to adventure… He is steadfast; he his faithful. He gets better with time. He is an incredible listener; he is a humble leader. He makes me laugh. So. Hard.  He has never lied to me or bent the truth.  He doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone, and often {in my opinion} under-explains himself,  yet he aims to honor everyone and wants to care for people above all else. It is why he adores Chick-fil-a and Nordstrom and Disney. He is witty and creative, and his heart for the Lord is what first compelled me and what continues to keep me.  He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.

I love you, Marshall Scott Jamieson. It is a privilege and a joyous gift to be your wife… you often say that you married up, but I can assure you that the feeling is mutual.

To many more years and infinitely more adventures!

All my love,


One thought on “Nine Years and Counting…

  1. Emy, How sweet your words to Marsh. My heart is humming with your happiness. Thank you, Marsh, for loving our girl so well. The Lord has blessed you both so greatly. I love you. Aya


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