I LOVE to read.  I remember getting lost under the covers when I was young, and then a bit older {and maybe even last week}, staying up through much of the night to devour stories of all sorts. And while the electronic kind are convenient in, I want real live books, the kind that you can touch and smell and mark up and dog ear and tear-stain and loan out and hunt down. I have no self-control when it comes to ink on a page; if it is good, I don’t want to put it down until I am done and then mourn the loss of it ending when the final page is finished.  That said, in a full season of life with 3 littles and ministry and a business, I take my reading time when I can get it. It comes in spurts and I often have a stack of books by my bed side, all different genres, teasing, beckoning me to pick them up, dust them off and begin or pick up where I left off.

This past week I read the most wonderful memoir: Sara Haggerty’s “Every Bitter Thing is Sweet”.  My dear friend sent it to me months ago; I had started and stopped a couple times but not made it past the first chapter due to life trumping me, but when I finally picked it up for good on our getaway to Sun Peaks {Canada} last weekend, I was hooked. My heart swelled through every consecutive chapter; I held my breath in moments; I restrained tears and my soul was refreshed by her honesty in pain and heartbreak and her candidness of the goodness of God through seasons of life where on the outside, He seemed to betray her, but her soul knew his tenderness and favor.

Her words are woven beautifully and her story takes you on a journey that leads to a hunger for more of God. More knowing him and hearing him and believing that any circumstance is worth His nearness.

I can’t sum it all up to do it justice, so perhaps you should just read it for yourself…



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