Just Give Me Jesus… and a Giveaway!!

So, one of my spiritual superheroes is Anne Graham Lotz. She happens to be Billy Graham’s daughter, which says something in and of itself. But even so, she is a woman that is gifted and impassioned for the gospel.

Sometime just after I graduated college, on a random Saturday morning, I heard on the radio that there was a conference called Just Give Me Jesus going on at Key Arena. Quite honestly, I don’t remember where I was driving to or from, or any of the details of the morning, but I somehow 20 minutes later was settling into a balcony seat at this free event with thousands of women, all strangers, because I knew that there was more to this man named Jesus.

I just knew that there had to be more to faith, you know? Some unseen force drove me to that arena with the hope that this “life to the full” that everyone promised in walking with Jesus might be waiting.

I found myself in the midst of such incredible worship, caught up in the most simplistic yet profound teaching about the person of Jesus, and learned for the first time how to really study scripture. To read and reread, to think about the details and picture the scene, to ask how it applies to my life and to pray that the Lord would make that application alive in my life.

I bought Just Give Me Jesus, which unpacks the life of Jesus throughout the gospel of John, and that year, the senior girls I was leading in a small group, my roommate {Libby}, and I waded through it together over cinnamon rolls every Friday morning before school. It was the sweetest season as Libby and I would read and prepare and pray and experience how the holy spirit would stir every Friday morning in our hearts and our minds and our hot chocolate… at the time it was so excitingly simple and sweet, but looking back, I think it was spectacular. To my knowledge, all of those girls continue to walk with Jesus. I trust that this is not because of anything we said or did, but because I really believe our focus was on Him. We just gave them Jesus.

He is compelling and he is attractive and he is mysterious and he is love and truth and life and everything he claims to be. Truly.

So I thought I would do my FIRST GIVEAWAY!! Such a bloggy thing to do. But I am excited to gift someone with this gem…SO, sign up to receive new posts in your inbox at right and make a comment and you will be entered to win Just Give Me Jesus, sent right to your doorstep. Yippee.

The following is a beautifully epic poem that Anne wrote; it appears in chunks throughout her book. Sit back and let it wash over you, or if you have issue with southern accents, read it for  yourself!


just give me Jesus

This is an excerpt from “Just Give Me Jesus,” written by Anne Graham Lotz, that has moved and challenged me to reconsider my ‘view’ of God. Anne uses compelling words to give us a glimpse of the indescribable beauty and majesty of our God. Yet, even the most potent words cannot accurately describe our Maker…

He is enduringly strong, He is entirely sincere, He is eternally steadfast, He is immortally gracious, He is imperially powerful, He is impartially merciful, He is the greatest phenomena that has ever crossed the horizons of the globe, He is God’s son, He is the sinners’ savior, He is the captive’s ransom, He is the breathe of life, He is the centerpiece of civilization, He stands in the solitude of Himself, He is all gust and He is unique, He is unparallel and He is unprecedented, He is undisputed and He is undefiled, He is unsurpassed and He is unshakeable, He is the lofty idea in philosophy, He is the highest personality in psychology, He is the supreme subject in literature, He is the unavoidable problem in higher criticism, He is the fundamental doctrine of theology, He is the cornerstone, the capstone, and the stumbling stone of all religion, He is the miracle of the ages
Just give me Jesus
No means of measure can define His limitless love, No far seeing telescope can bring Him to visibility the coastline of His shoreless supply, No barrier can hinder Him from pouring out His blessings, He forgives and He forgets, He creates and He cleanses, He restores and He rebuilds, He heals and helps, He reconciles and He redeems, He comforts and He carries, He lifts and He loves, He is the God of the second chance, the fat chance, the slim chance and the no chance, Just give me Jesus
He discharges debtors, He delivers the captives, He defends the feeble, He blesses the young, He serves the unfortunate, He regards the ancient, He rewards the diligent, He beautifies the meek, He is the key to knowledge, He is the fountain of life, He is the wellspring of joy, He is the storehouse of wisdom, He is the foundation of faith, He is the doorway of deliverance, He is the pathway to peace, He is the roadway of righteousness, He is the gateway to glory, He is the highway to happiness, 
Just give me Jesus
He supplies strength to the weary, He increases power to the faint, He offers escape to the tempted, He sympathizes with the hurting, He saves the hopeless, He shields the helpless, He sustains the homeless, He gives purpose to the aimless, He gives reason to our meaninglessness, He gives fulfillment to our emptiness, He gives light in the darkness, Comfort in the loneliness, Fruit in the bareness, Future to the hopeless, Life to the lifeless, 
Just give me Jesus
He guards the young, He seeks the stray, He finds the lost, He guides the faithful, He rights the wrong, He avenges the abused, He defends the weak, He comforts the oppressed, He welcomes the prodigal, He heals the sick, He cleanses the dirty, He beautifies the meek, He restores the failure, He mends the broken, He blesses the poor, He fills the empty, He clothes the naked, He satisfies the hungry, He elevates the humble, He forgives the sinner, And He raises the dead, 
Just give me Jesus
His office is manifold and His promise is sure His life is matchless and His goodness is limitless His mercy is enough and his grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous, His yolk is easy and His burden is light, He is indestructible, He is indescribable, He is incomprehensible, He is inescapable, He is invincible, He is irresistible, He is irrefutable, I can’t get him out of my mind and I can’t get him out of my heart, I can’t outlive him and I can’t live without him. 
The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him but found they couldn’t stop Him. Satan tried to tempt Him but found he couldn’t trip Him. Pilot examined Him on trial but found no fault in Him
The Romans crucified Him but couldn’t take His life. Death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. 
Just give me Jesus
He had no predecessor and He will have no successor. He is the lion and He is the lamb. He is man and he is God. He is the seven waking. He is the King of the Jews- that’s a racial king. He is the King of Israel- that’s a national king. He is the King of Righteousness- that’s a moral king. He is the King of Ages- that’s an eternal king. He is the King of Heaven- that’s a universal king. He is the King of Glory- that’s a celestial king. He is the Kings and the Lord of Lords. 
Please, just give me Jesus.

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