Over-promise. Under-deliver.

Isn’t that how the saying goes!? Pretty sure I have gotten that one incorrect most of my life… Despite my best intentions, I seem to regularly get excited about something and commit to it a little prematurely… as in, I don’t consider my calendar before I schedule things, my brain before I speak, etc.

I have largely grown in this area and am generally way more realistic about my commitments, but I owe you an apology!!  I said here that I would be posting each day with the response to a question to reflect upon 2014 and then several looking ahead to 2015!

While I still plan to do so, a wonderful weekend away with my husband {thank you Young Life!} for a staff-spouse retreat left me a bit distracted, and speaking at our Young Life Area Leadership tonight has depleted the rest of my “writing time”.

That said, here is the list in full that my dear Bostonian friend has shared with me for several years and I love it. I hope you do too!

Looking back 2014

1. What was your most vivid memory of 2014?

2. When did you sense God was the closest in 2014?

3. When did you sense God was the most distant in 2014?

4. What was the biggest triumph of 2014?

5. What was the biggest loss of 2014?

6. How did you clearly hear from God?

7. What were the most significant themes in 2014?

8. What was your greatest life lesson in 2014?

9. Which 3 people had the greatest impact on you in 2014?

10. What is your biggest piece of unfinished business from 2014?

11. What do you need to lay at the feet of Jesus from 2014?

12. What is one word that sums up 2014?

13. What was the biggest spiritual risk you took in 2014?

Looking Forward 2015

1. What are your hopes and dreams for 2015?

2. Is there a verse or word for 2015 from the Lord for you?

3. What are your goals for 2015?

4. What is a spiritual risk you want to take in 2015?

Take some time to noodle… and share with me your phrase/word/picture for 2015 if you have one!


One thought on “Over-promise. Under-deliver.

  1. Thanks for being vulnerable, Emily! I do the same thing….and am still learning & growing in this area! I will use the questions for my Sister Soirée group!! Thank you!


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