Bedtime Chats… Part Deux.

So, while I am at it, I thought it would be fun to share another of Tucker’s bedtime revelations. 🙂

The other night, I was snuggling in the bottom bunk with my middle, Bennett, who had promptly fallen asleep. Up on the top bunk, Tucker had been quiet for a bit, when he suddenly erupted with, “Mom, I have so many questions!”

The ensuing conversation went a bit like this:

M: What sorts of questions?

T: So many questions. Questions about life. Big questions.

M: Okay, so why don’t you pick one cuz it is way past your bedtime….

T: UGH! Okay, let me think of the most important one…  Okay, so when did God start? How did he get here? I mean, something can’t come from nothing, right?

M: Oh wow, you weren’t kidding.  Well, it’s sort of a mystery, really. God has always just BEEN. He exists outside of time because he made time along with everything else.

T: But that is IMPOSSIBLE, Mom!

M: Totally impossible … and kind of awesome, right? Okay, what else? {Seriously, I barely survived that one!}

T: Okay…. so, am I supposed to like God more or my family more?

M: {Jesus, help me!} Um, what do you think?

T: Well, I mean, I really like my family, you know, not just mom and dad and B and Wes and new baby but, like my big family, like Grandma and Papi and Aya and Pop Pop and Aidan and Stellan and Baby Gunnar and….

M: That is awesome, Tuck.  I love that you like them so much! So maybe you can think about where they came from and who gave them to  you?

T:  {Pause} OOooohhhhhh. I got it… So my family is like a big huge mirror… and all that like I have for them, well they take some of it in and the rest of it they reflect back up to God. They, like, bounce all my like back up to Him.

M: {wow.} Yep, I would say you got it.

And I think my 7 year old just accurately described what it means to reflect the Glory of God.  Man, I should stay up with him more often.

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