Take me to school.

I have so much to learn. I have never believed the illusive lie that “I have arrived”. I feel like the more that I learn, the more there is to know. About God, about ministry, about friendship, about marriage, about parenting, about life. More often than not, I feel a failure; I feel like I … More Take me to school.

Storms and Sunshine

I mentioned that I had the sweet opportunity to share at an event entitled “The Anchor” on Thursday evening. I was asked to speak about “anchor moments” in my life ~ those times when I was grounded in my faith as a result of Jesus proving that he really is secure and strong and full of hope. … More Storms and Sunshine

Roll with it.

There’s something about embracing the present that is both simple and freeing and yet also elusively difficult for most humans. I wrote several days ago about the beauty of acknowledging that we need each other. And how asking for help leads to rich community, makes room for sacrificial love to be practiced and results in … More Roll with it.

Hey Mister DJ

Oh, 90’s music. So good.  So was the wedding we went to on Friday. My husband (the DJ and dear friend of the couple) and I got to celebrate the most amazing story of redemption… two wonderfully hilarious and gifted and kind-hearted people, both on Young Life staff, joined their lives, and so much more. Years … More Hey Mister DJ