My thoughtful husband, Marshall, came home from a men’s breakfast some time ago with a word picture that I have found so helpful to blow the lie out of the water that following Jesus is supposed to make all things rainbows and unicorns.

Photo by Chase Blood

You see,  I think there is this myth floating around out there that when we begin to follow Jesus, we are to jump in the water and swim to Him {much like my favorite of Jesus’ friends, Peter} and we will very promptly board the equivalent of a cruise ship. The seas are calm; there are lounge chairs poolside; relationships become filled with ease; you are protected from harm and there are margaritas and jazz singers evermore.

I have witnessed dear friends, young and old, get angry and/or confused when they find once they begin a relationship with Jesus, that sickness is still rampant, relationships are very broken, the world is in fact in greater chaos than previously thought. They question God’s goodness and faithfulness and power because, unfortunately, they have been ill-informed.

But what if when our friends met Jesus, we made it clear that we are not boarding a cruise ship but a battle ship. That victory is assured, indeed, but that in the meantime the enemy is strong and crafty and persistent.  We will be fired on, at times invaded, at times distracted, and strict training is essential and camaraderie is vital. What if we were to learn that our captain is not only trustworthy, but would give his life for every man on board, is available day and night, the most lovable and wise and certain man you had ever met.  What if we knew there would be casualties and sickness and yet ultimately not one would be lost for good.

What if…

I could expand the metaphor a thousand ways, but I wonder what you might come up with… go ahead and play…. What if?


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