As a result from feeling the burden of something that should have felt light, I stopped writing in the fall. My hiatus was purposeful and deeply restorative, but I cannot say I am not excited to be back tapping at the keys! Read on… … More Heavy

Faith + Adventure

Oh my goodness, HELLO. I wish I could jump out of the screen and give you a big hug. My heart is exploding with joy and anticipation in light of¬†the fact that I am re-entering this writing journey. I have MISSED you, missed THIS. A little recap… the summer closed with the Salt Bible 101 … More Faith + Adventure


They say that grief comes in waves. I have written that before here, the day we found no heartbeat. And weeks have passed and the waves have lessened in altitude and frequency. There has in fact been a sweet calm for some time now. Until tonight. Marsh and I were just finishing a movie and … More Waves

The Year of ______.

2015 has ARRIVED! Yesterday, a most gracious gift from a beloved Aunt sent me to Gene Juarez for a spa day. I felt pampered and in every way relaxed and cared for… I have never before {and probably will not for some time!}¬†experienced luxury like that and so I savored every sugar scrub, paraffin dip, … More The Year of ______.