I remember when I received the news. Cancer. My vibrant, young, faith-filled, precocious friend, Cristina. Cancer. It was late in October, after my birthday, just before Halloween. She was only a sophomore in high school. She inspired faith and hope in all the girls that gathered in my living room to talk of life and … More Fighter

Isn’t That Curious?

I have a dear and brilliant group of girlfriends who live in Seattle and are incredible thinkers and listeners and processors. We have been meeting for over 8 years and despite this season of life when we have all begun to have kiddos and have moved and our weekly gatherings have become more scarce, I … More Isn’t That Curious?


Three weeks ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. We were two days short of boarding a boat to make the long trek home, at the tail end of an epic day at Malibu; I had chased and carried my 3 boys {6,4 and 1} around camp,  more than once been called “supermom” {the flatteringly annoying moniker I … More Ruptured