Even When – Live Salted Conference

One of my greatest joys the past few years has been to walk alongside Krista Hengesh; she is a young twenty-something, a vibrant visionary, an entrepreneur and a dear sister. She moved to Seattle to live with us this past year and in doing life together we sealed our friendship and witnessed so much of God’s goodness through pruning seasons, refining seasons, and fruitful seasons… she has truly become a part of our family here in Seattle!

The story of our meeting is truly a God story that I will share another day, but together we have developed Bible 101 – an 8 week series teaching people how to study the word of God, written and published a study on Ephesians, recorded Podcasts and put out countless blog posts.

This year marks the third year of the Live Salted Conferences that I have had the honor of speaking at, and we just released the promo video for them. If you know any college age/young 20 somethings that you want to bless… send them a link, buy them a ticked for Christmas… get them there! Seattle, Portland and LA… we are comin’ for ya!

The theme is EVEN WHEN… and I could not be more excited for the freedom that is coming…  The images are from a climb up Mount Pilchuck and the voice over is me (literally locked in my minivan near my kids’ school for 10 minutes, recording on my iphone voice notes as it was the only quiet I could find….) Now that you have a peek behind the scenes, take a look!

Send all your people…

Details here: Even When Conferences

It’s gonna be good.


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