This past weekend, I found myself captured by the most brilliant fall colors that played the backdrop of a women’s weekend I had the honor of speaking at…

Fall Brilliance at WFR

…and I began to think about seasons.

As I received affirmations about the words I shared and fielded many inquiries about where I might be found online or if I would be willing to come speak at events, I began to think about the changing of the seasons. How, for the past year I in some ways was in hibernation, only really present to the world right around me – in my home specifically, and giving any excess to the new community we had moved into in the University District. I wrote for various ministries and spoke at different events, but it had been some time since I had found the space and freedom to write for me – to process all the things I was learning and taking in on a platform that I could tie together all the various learnings and shell out to the world something that might be of service, but in actuality is more of a gift to me. I am an external processor. And I love when the things I am processing are able to serve more than just me! It feels selfish to keep all of my musings to myself, and yet arrogant to think that they need to be put on display for the world.  I began to stir… do I pick up the blog again? Will that just set me up for failure when in a few months I have posted only twice?

And then I thought, well, at this point, no one is reading it nor do they have any expectations… so why not?

So here I am… out of hibernation, hopeful to set aside more time for writing, for re-engaging in a new way…

Not long ago, I posted the following picture and words on Instagram:


Heavy… Laden… Too much.

These words so typically describe a life that is over-scheduled, unbearable and imbalanced. But I came across this tree on a walk with my littles and I thought, Wow. What if I were so connected to the source, so rooted in the rich soil of Gods marvelous love that I were heavy… with ripe and delicious fruit, the kind that just organically grows wild and free with no striving. Laden…. with fruit so ripe it falls off and gathers for the taking – for those with no energy to climb or ability to reach. What if I were shouldered with the charge of feeding others because I was overwhelmed with such a supply that merely the hours in the day limited how much I could dole out?

This tree has weathered seasons… soon it will be barren, dormant, resting, recharging for another season. It doesn’t resist the winter…it waits for spring. And then this. The fall. The glorious fruit bearing fall, branches bent toward earth under the weight of sustenance and the proof of so much health and life. To merely stay rooted is the goal in every season. But this season sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

So, I decided I would make some space, to begin to consolidate here the things I am doing “out there”.  I hope to gather articles, series, talks, musings I have had and put them all in one place. And I hope you are encouraged, inspired, and reminded of the One who matters most, the One who calls you beloved because to Him, YOU are the one who matters most.




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