Sometimes we need a refresh. The old stuff is still working, but it’s a little tired, a little cluttered, and it needs some focused attention and a bit of cleanup to bring it back to life. This is true for friendships, routines {hello summer!} and blogs too!

So, I spent a couple hours with my dear friend, Matti, this morning and she generously snapped photos and worked wonders with widgets {how’s that for an alliteration!?} and voila! The Tethering Place has a fresh new look!

We started in her back yard, me in her size 10 boots in the wet shrubbery and we played model. I felt silly posing for a camera, but we had fun! Frankly. I feel like a bit of a schizophrenic when it comes to fashion. I vacillate between trying to be a professional grown up and not really being able to give up my favorite college attire. After all was said and done, here are a few of our faves…

With new photos and layout, I am working on cleaning up my categories to make posts more easily accessible, and I am getting excited for a new summer schedule to allow for more time writing! Also, I have been invited to guest post on a couple other blogs, so stay tuned as we will hop over to visit some friends in the coming weeks!

That said, what do you want to hear about? I would love input as I think about a series for young women, a post on marriage, and other topics that would be of encouragement as you stay tethered to Jesus in the summer season…

Pop in your email address and click the link at right to follow along on this adventure!

Thanks for reading!


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