An hour before we welcomed in the pediatrician to have our world turned upside-down, we had already been duly shaken. Marshall received news that one of our dear friends, a young woman who is wise and wonderful and had just launched on the epic journey of a Master’s in counseling, was lost in the woods. Somewhere in Eastern Washington, she had been wandering since early afternoon the day before. Search parties were out in the midst of acres of wilderness. No sign of her.

We immediately began to pray… and that prayer would weave into others throughout the day.

We wept and prayed…

Then we learned of Finn’s potential genetic condition.

We wept and prayed…

God knew where Sarah was; He could see her.  And God knew where we were. He could hear us when we felt helpless and lost ourselves. This was all new territory.

My journal that day is tear stained and braided with prayers for Finn — for his brain, for his tiny little body as he was pricked and prodded and fitted with the tiniest IV I had ever seen — together with prayers for my own heart and faith, and finally prayers that went something like, “FIND SARAH.”  With my eyes on my own baby and the markings that were all over his face, potentially pointing to a very different life than the one I hoped for my youngest boy, I knew that there was only One who had eyes on Sarah at that moment, and despite my fears for wild animals or wild people, I trusted that He could lead her out.

Image-1 (3)

And so later that day, after we had sent Finn downstairs for his second MRI {praise the Lord he didn’t have to be transported to Seattle!} and an hour before we received the results, we learned Sarah had been found. It was balm for my raw soul. Hope and a reminder that God indeed answers, rescues and SEES.

We wept and thanked God.

And then we received the news that the MRI was clear. That we were able to go home with a very sleepy, healthy-brained little boy.

We wept and thanked God.

The extremes were ruled out, and there would still be much to be determined as we would see ophthalmologists, neurologists and neuro-geneticists in the coming weeks to learn more about Finn’s condition and treatment.

Regardless, we could go home. And our friend was found.10989143_10156201467880051_7895100758118540769_o

{Sarah and Finn… a miraculous meeting!}

You must read Sarah’s story!… she has a fabulous blog {twentiestruenorth.com}. Her account is incredible and such a testament to God’s faithfulness.

One thought on “Lost

  1. Praise God for his presence…with you, Marshall and boys — and Sarah in the woods. Lost but found. Loved link to Sarah’s blog story – you ladies have me in tears all the time. Love your blog stories and prayerful updates. Loving you from our home to your home.


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