Joy Boy

Three years ago, a little man by the name of Wesley Maclean Jamieson was born to make us a family of five. He immediately captured us with his joy and and has not ceased stealing hearts since.                 IMG_6276

Just a few months into his life, before his personality had really begun to emerge, and in fact during a nap, a dear couple blessed us with prophetic words over this little man. They prayed and asked God who HE made Wesley to be, and gave us the following words to describe who he has been called to be:

Mighty, Strong, Brave

 Patient, yet poised – Active, “AWAKE”, ready to leap. 


“GLUE” – Brings people together

 “Joy Boy”          

“Pied Piper” – Where he goes others will follow

    Missions Heart of Evangelism


It is astonishing to look at those words as my boy turns three, and to realize that already, he is walking in the truth of who he is meant to be.


I remember years before my children even existed, in the early days of my marriage, when babes were just a glimmer of a thought, listening to Dr. Dobson on my way home from a night out with girlfriends. And I remember the exhortation to parents to listen to the Lord, to throw off who WE want our children to be, WHAT we want for them or think is best for them… and turn our attention to their creator, who knows them best and created them on purpose and for a purpose, and to ask: who is this little person {or big person} and what do you have for them? How can I encourage them toward who they are meant to be and not toward who I want or think they should be?

FullSizeRender (10)

I pray for each of my boys, that they would be TRUE… to the One who made them, to their own selves, and to the world around them. I cannot wait to see who they all will be…. even if it is Spiderman.

 FullSizeRender (9)

{“when I grow up… I want to be Spiderman.”}

Happy Birthday, Wesley. You ARE LOVED!!!

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