I miss you all. I miss this, this writing and connecting with those of you out there that are gracious enough to read my innermost thoughts. This sparse month of posting has been a gift – a fast of many sorts but as fasts do, they make you hungry! I am craving the space to write more, to ponder through my fingers the things God is teaching me. And as I begin to write again, I hope that the tethering that happens to me on this side of the screen is contagious.

Anchors have become sort of a theme for me of late. Marshall gifted me with this sweet necklace for Christmas, symbolic of the blog – this adventure that the Lord is grounding me in the midst of – and my dear friend gave me the journal over on the right. IMG_1976 Last week, I was invited to share at an event for women that is lovely and rich and hopes to anchor women in friendships and faith… it is aptly titled “The Anchor”.

And so last Sunday night, my senior girls and I opened our bibles and read through Hebrews 6:19 and talked of what it means to have our restless souls be anchored by Jesus, by hope, by faith. And when I say faith, I mean it not as some cerebral assertion that there is something bigger, but as a synonym to relationship with the living God.

We asked questions like, “How do we stay grounded?… How do we stay close? …How do we live counter-cultural, especially in a world that is tossing and turning and offering “life” and “contentedness” and “adventure” in a million other places?”

We concluded that it feels like swimming upstream to live a life of faith. But, oh,  is it worth it! To taste the goodness of God is to want more of it.

From fasting to feasting…

More to come,


One thought on “Anchored

  1. So glad this is back on! I’ve been curious if you were ok- I didn’t know you were taking a break 😉

    Love you and so excited to see you soon, Jenna

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