With the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I have decided to join him in going dark {on social media} for lent. As much as I enjoy lovely photos and keeping up with friends and the latest on everything from vaccinations to protests at the box office to clips of Jimmy Fallon {ok so I do really enjoy that one!} I also know that social media can be a thief. A thief of time and confidence and intimacy with others and with God. If comparison is the thief of joy then social media is a bandit, for sure. I won’t be away forever, but a good cleanse will do me good, I am certain.

The conundrum is that many people have expressed appreciation that I post on FB and Instagram whenever something new pops up on the blog, as that is how they keep up. And I hope in light of my fast that I am driven to be more thoughtful and write more! But you will not know if you only click because I pop up on your FB feed…

So if you could do me and you a little favor…if you like at all what you read here, could you please mosey on over to the right and sign up to get new posts in your email inbox? You will get an email that you will click to confirm, and each time I write a new post it will appear as a little gift in your email! So easy and I vow to send you nothing else. Unless of course I decide to do one of those fun blog surprise giveaways. Which I am not promising to do but sounds lovely.

Thank you!

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