A week in the life…

I have missed you! I must confess this whole driving, walking thing has been altogether too exciting. I am settling down from feeling 16 again and working to guard my margins so that weeks don’t go by without time and space to process and write and practice being present as these last several months have taught me so much about. I admit I have been feeling UN-tethered as a result of so little time to sit and process and let things that the Lord is teaching form into complete thoughts that somehow make a change in my heart. There is something to that verse “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2. Excited to practice that this week.

So I thought I would give you a little peek into what I have been up to to catch us up…  {This is in fact take 2 as I already wrote this post once and lost it all when I tried to save the draft. There is nothing so infuriating as when technology backfires… I admit I am still a pen and paper sort of girl; it is trustworthy to not disappear on a whim!}

Last weekend, Marshall and I had the opportunity to retreat {sans kiddos!} to a quaint little cabin in Gig Harbor, complete with a breathtaking view, incredible company, scrumptious nibbles, much time for conversation and naps and a killer game of horseshoes. So thankful for thoughtful, easy, intentional friendships and dear friends and family who wrangle our littles for us to enjoy a much needed retreat to regain our sanity.IMG_0681

Speaking of needing sanity, this was bedtime last week. Literally minutes before I corralled them into the bathroom to brush teeth and head to bed. CRAZY, this life of boys:

Last weekend we also celebrated my incredible mom who turned 65! She might hurt me for declaring that so publicly, but I am so proud of every one of her years, the way she selflessly pours out time and energy and creativity to be a most amazing friend and mother and grandmother…


To be honest, my mom is frozen in my mind somewhere around 36… and she is still the energetic, artistic, thinking outside the box, lover of learning and all things beautiful woman I solidified in my memory in elementary school. It is odd to think I am “catching up” to her, that these are the years I am painting the picture of who my boys will know always as their mom.


Seriously, talk about a full life… parents, kids and spouses and 5 grandsons in one room for a fabulous meal and not a bit of quiet. It was wonderful…Despite the fact that her one request was to get a photo with everyone in it and the above was about the best we could manage.

I also made Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving. 3 cans organic whole cranberry sauce + 1 bag fresh whole cranberries + 1 cup fresh OJ + zest of 1 orange + 1/2 cup unsweetened cranberry juice + 1 cinnamon stick + 1/4 tsp clove + 1/4 tsp nutmeg + simmering for 45 min = deliciousness. You could serve this with Turkey or Apple Crisp, or over ice cream, or just eat it by the spoonful. The tags were inspired by Emily over at JonesDesignCompany.com. See here for her Raspberry Jam tags and recipe!

FullSizeRender (4)

This past week I had the pleasure of sitting next to my friend Hiroko at Community Bible Study, a gathering of over 200 women from different denominations and mosques and temples and cultural backgrounds and life stages. From early 20s to late 80’s, these women gather around and find unity in studying God’s word together. It is a space where we leave with more questions than answers, where we compassionately agree to disagree, where Jesus is central and faith is multiplied. Hiroko is courageous and kind and translates our study of Romans {a difficult book in my native tongue!} into her second language and then back to English to join in conversation.


 Her study is beautiful – hard to see here, but hers is on the right and like a piece of art –  and she taught me several words and characters this week for God, Jesus and Grace {that in and of itself had my head spinning!}. So thankful for such rich and diverse community to study scripture!

What else?  Well, bath time is pretty entertaining.


Oh yes, and then there was that little announcement on FB… 🙂 Yep, SIX is the new FIVE!! We are expecting a little Jamieson addition come June!  Not a little surprised and a whole lot thrilled, we cannot wait to see who this little person will be who will round out our family!

FullSizeRender (3)

Excited to have you along for the adventure….



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