Well, hello.

The first post.


It seems no words will live up to my hopes for the perfect first post.  An English major, I admit I always start in the middle and my introduction is the final thing I tweak and polish once I know what I am actually talking about. But in this case, you get the meanderings of my heart and mind “real time”, figuratively speaking, and I am not sure where we are headed on this adventure, so let’s just dive in.

I adore words. I love stories. I write to connect my story to The Story {more to come on that later}… I write to sift out lies, let truth rise to the surface, and in the process to be tethered to the One who made it all, won my heart, changed my life, and set me on course for eternity.

For years, I have marinated in my own stories, my own words, only to share them with dear friends or allow the young women I mentor to taste of what is percolating in me. In the past couple years, however, I have begun to teach and train, speaking at school assemblies for middle school girls, women’s retreats, leadership trainings, all local and intimate and all feeding my heart and soul in a way that has infused life in me I did not know existed. And so, at the urge of many and the prodding of One, I have decided to “come out”, in a sense.

Welcome to The Tethering Place. Admittedly, this venture may be more for me than for you, but I hope that along the way, you find your trajectory interrupted, soul sped toward center, heart refreshed, and hope renewed. Excited to get to know you. Can’t wait to see what is in store…

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