It was months ago that I showed up at a gargantuan church just a half hour from my home, to volunteer at the first of many stops on Beth Moore’s current speaking tour. I was placed in the overflow room with some dear friends also involved with Young Life, so that we might be available … More Thirsty


As I begin to wake up from the nauseous exhaustion that was my first trimester of pregnancy, my brain seems to be coming alive again. Where I was before in survival mode, {and admittedly still have moments when fatigue hits and my brain draws blanks!} I do feel as if I am gaining capacity and … More Intruders


So you know those seasons in life where you are like, “I am killin’ it.” But then you realize it was because there was just no opposition? There was no catalyst to cause┬áthe ugliness sitting dormant inside of you to rise to the surface or spew out of your mouth? Like when you are not … More Catalyst.