Dear Friend

I have so much waiting in the wings… updates on Finn, and all sorts of nuggets of wisdom that I have mined over the past weekend at a retreat in California with my husband and dear friends… I feel constipated with blog posts and limited in my time to write and publish! I need some … More Dear Friend


This morning I woke early with a sense of utter calm, a deep knowledge that the God of comfort was filling every inch of my home, that He was near. And then I remembered. December 2nd. A year ago today, over 5,000 people visited this newborn, highly unattended blog to read No Heartbeat, to this … More Remembering


They say that grief comes in waves. I have written that before here, the day we found no heartbeat. And weeks have passed and the waves have lessened in altitude and frequency. There has in fact been a sweet calm for some time now. Until tonight. Marsh and I were just finishing a movie and … More Waves


Three weeks ago, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. We were two days short of boarding a boat to make the long trek home, at the tail end of an epic day at Malibu; I had chased and carried my 3 boys {6,4 and 1} around camp,  more than once been called “supermom” {the flatteringly annoying moniker I … More Ruptured