Love Story for Joy

Years ago, I ventured to an Irish pub in downtown Seattle with my witty husband and a few of his dear friends from his glory days at Westmont College. One girl in particular, Joy, captured my attention with her hilarity and easy spirit IMG_20140613_224542and I thought, man, if we lived in the same city, we would surely be fast friends. She has since become a researcher and writer and comedian and connoisseur of fried egg sandwiches {another reason for my great admiration of her}  and jumped on board with a little movement called Love and Respect to launch Love and Respect Now. Seriously, I direct so many people to her site for brilliant and entertaining insight on relationships and life…

That said, she asked me to share with her Marshall’s and my story, particularly the part where I freaked out and broke up with him, as her dad, Emerson Eggerichs, had played a significant part in our my coming to grips with what love really is, and ultimately the choice that Marshall would become my husband.

The story in full can be found HERE… admittedly there are a few edits that don’t really sound like me. But I hope this helps to give you more back story for the posts to come… a few thoughts on relationships. 🙂

{This photo was taken just a few months ago when we visited Joy in Portland at the greatest little spot, Prettyman’s General. Yum.}

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